Swim Like A Fish Foundation
Drowning Prevention
It is our passion of this charitable organization to promote
water safety to everyone in Alaska.

Swimming is something we take for granted here in
Alaska and unless we make an effort to learn a specific
set of skills needed to swim, many of us will grow up here
never learning to swim.  Two things happen when you
don't learn this essential skill.  You miss out on all the fun
you'll have with water activities and sports, and second
you'll most likely drown if you fall into the water
unexpectedly.  That is a harsh reality that I dare not sugar
coat for anyone.

The Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics keeps track of
leading causes of fatal injuries in Alaska and what we
found out might shock you.  According to their records
from 2002-2011 drowning is the #2 accidental killer of
children ages 1-9 in Alaska.  You would expect this in
the lower 48 with all the backyard pools that are
improperly fenced but not in Alaska!  Motor Vehicle
accidents are closely behind and drowning is the top #2
for ages 10-18.

These statistics are heart breaking and motivates us to do
something about it.  This is why the Swim Like A Fish
Foundation was started.  We plan on changing these
statistics with swim lessons, water safety education and
supplying flotation devices to those who need them.
Swim Like A Fish Foundation
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The 26th Annual Ice    
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8th and 9th, 2014
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